Are you a good doctor? this question is often asked by your patients right?
What is the most important characteristic a doctor should have? Intellegent? Time management? Here I’m trying to gather a lot of information from patients perspective regarding this issue. It seems like doctor’s interpersonal skill is the most crucial part to bind the connection between doctor and patients. Patients often rate how good their doctor by their interpersonal skill and this interpersonal skill are related to trust. Trust is very important, but it does not equate to blind faith. Sick people need empathy, support, and reassurance, all essential features of a therapeutic relationship, but they also need honest information about their condition, options for treatment, and clinicians who listen to their concerns and preferences. A doctor who carefully listen to their patients get a lot of their patients attention.
You will have to understand that the body that you are treating is the only body that they have and you need also to realize that this medical world is yours, not theirs so make sure that you understand how to communicate with your patients, It is not only about explaining medical condition to them, it is about your empathy. They are not even familiar to all of this medical world, so they need you to explain things to them and they need you to help them feel comfortable because it feels vulnerable for their life to be in someone else’s hands.

How to build your patients trust?

1. Knowledgeable
Doctors must be skilled in science, diagnosis and treatment. Doctor will gain trust from their patients because they know what they are doing.  Patients want to trust their doctors, but trust has to be earned by treating people as human not their medical object, answering their questions clearly and honestly, listening to their views, and involving them in decisions. This cannot be an optional extra. Failure to accommodate patients’ needs for involvement will diminish doctors’ standing in the long run.

2. Digital Integration
Your medical practice will look more professional if you have the access on technology. Big hospitals for example they invest a lot on technology to give their patients the best service as possible. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a lot of capital to invest on technology. Nowdays you can get the latest medical technology in the market with the variety of prices depends on your budget. you can also check ClinicsPro>>> services to make your medical practice look more fancy and technology savvy with a very cheap price. Theres a lot of data streaming that help you and your patients communicate about their health. from recent doctor’s visit, and there are also past medical records. But unfortunately too few doctors are integrating this data and help their patients access it. You will gain your patients trust by not only making it simpler for your patients to get their data but also interacting with them throught online platforms or patients portals.

3. Team Based Care
You shouldn’t be the only person directly involved in your care. You could have an entire team of expert including nurses, radiologyst, wellness coaches, nutritionist, lifestyle coaches and other related to your patients health. Instead of bomboading your patients with advise separately, this team will come together to craft a care plan that’s specifically suited to your patients thats why you need a smart system that can connect your patient data to other parties.

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