Our research about medical technology implementation>>, shows that a lot of psychicians are not statisfied with EMR and EHR. the difficulty of documenting their patients data in their system cost them loss of productivity. But the aim of both system is to help psychician manage their practice. However, both are only a tool, and they can be misused and it makes them less effective. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid if you want to get the most out of your EMRs and EHRs :

  1. Data Integrity and the ability to meet your practice need

Inabillity to access all availabe data on a patient is a very common- drawback when it comes to ellectronic records. Many clinical data exists in many different system without it being integrated to each other, beside that, the system sometime doesnt even meet their unique practice needs.Many physicians purchase their EMR/EHR without making research about what excatly they need. Because every psychician has their own unique needs. Make sure before buying one, you already know that the system is open and flexible for any kind of practice. That is why ClinicSpro  has been working on developing an integrated software that is also flexible and can be used by any medical practitioner. 

  1. Undertraining on the system use

Implementing a new system to make the most out of it will be supported by the ability of all the users to use it. that is why proper training is needed. Look for a vendor that has a good customer support that can help all of your staffs to fix all the problem they might face along the way they are trying to familiarize themselves with the system. People cannot use electronic records all at once, because theres too much to absorb. that is why a good vendor will provide a good customer service to fix this problem. 

  1. Ignore the importance of Laboratory, Radiology data integration.

Laboratory and radiology interfaces can be costly. But not having connections with your major Lab or radiology will cost you even more,and can waste also your valuable time during patients visit. Nowdays it doesnt have to be expensive to have it all in your practice. ClinicSpro also provide you with integrated Labolatory and Radiology module to help you give the best service to your patients. 

  1. Entering too much data into your system

A lot of psychician spend too much time entering data to their system eventhough they may not make any clinical sense out of that data. They should start documenting gradually, they can start with new patients. One of the crucial reason for the frustation they face when using electronic record is that they don’t have any patient data in the system, and the initial data entry takes so much time that some psychician get frustated and give up using their system. You can try to fill the form required in your system gradually. This useful information about your patient data will benefit you in the long run if you fill the form required correctly. but since it takes almost all of your time with your patients, you can start to fill that up gradually.



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