An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual.
As technology becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, Doctors, Phsycians and hospitals around the world are experiencing the benefits of moving away from paper-based systems. The advantages of electronic medical records far exceed any disadvantages that one can argue and as a result.Patients receive better care, practices are reimbursed quicker than ever before.. Here are the reason why EMR is important :
1. Accuracy
Every patient need to feel safe when they see their pshycians. The complexity of modern medicine carries risks as well as benefits around therapies and diagnostics. But, a well deployed EMR can make things safer for patients. For example, when a clinician prescribes a medicine, it is checked against the patient’s weight to make sure the dose is correct. It is compared to their list of drug allergies and it is cross checked for interactions with other medicines.Fewer medical errors, improved patient safety and stronger support for clinical decision-making
2, No bulky paper records to store, manage and retrieve
3. Financial Benefit
If you decide to implement EMRs in your facility, you may actually experience a decrease in overall expenditure. The decision to use an EMR system instead of paper records can result in a positive return on your financial investment.
Next article we will explain about the difference between EMR and EHR and how to choose the right EHR for your medical practice

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