Social media is now a big part of our live. And also for doctors and psychicians. Since a doctor/psychician decide to open one of social media account,  a lot of questions will appear, “what are they going to post?” or “what are they going to do if patients asked for their advice on their social media?” “will they use their real name or will they hide their true identity?”

Internet nowdays is becoming the resource for patients to connect with, learn more about their psychician and also sharing the information that they’ve experienced and even rate them. The number of platforms to facilitate these reviews is also growing rapidly. So, how can a busy doctor manage these informations and their online reputation while focusing on providing the best care to their patients?

These are small tips how to manage your online reputation :

1. Sign up for survey site

There are a lot of survey and rating sites out there. The best way to catch a consumer’s eye online is to have a large volume of positive reviews accross multiple ratings site. you can check HealthGrade and RateMD for specific online survey site for psychicians but there are also a lot more out there.

2. Maximize the use of your Medical technology

Gain your patients trust by maximizing the use of your medical software. Psychologically, patients will trust a doctor who is keeping up with the latest technology rather than the one who will give them their prescription with their hand writing.  And it will create positive experience to your patients. If you don’t have one, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money for your IT cost, you can check ClinicSpro. ClinicSpro provides integrated system with only $99.

3. Ask your patients to rate you

There are many ways to ask your patients to rate you. After you sign up for certain online survey site provider, and you are confident you’ve done your best for your patients, you can ask them to rate you online! you can put a card with the url on it or you can also put the url on your email signature or website.

4. Make sure you don’t miss your angry patients

Eventhought you’ve done your best, like any business, you won’t please everyone. I’m not suggesting you to respond and discuss any aspect of a patients’s case online, it might violate some of doctor ethical rules but you can approach them personally and consider how you’ll respond them. Ask for the patients solution to the problem like “do you have some suggestion on ways to solve this problem?” and offer the options by saying “here’s how we could handle this”

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