EMR is short for electronic medical record. An electronic medical record is a digital version of the paper file used in a physician’s office, clinic or hospital. The EMR contains the medical history of all patients who use the practice and is part of the internal patient record-keeping process. In addition to patient health records, features of EMR software also include integrated scheduling, automatic reminders, claims management, prescription writing, billing and other management tools.

Electronic health records (EHRs) do all those things—and more. while the information in EMRs doesn’t travel easily out of the practice, EHRs can do that for you. EHRs focus on the total health of the patient—going beyond standard clinical data collected in the provider’s office and inclusive of a broader view on a patient’s care. EHRs are designed to reach out beyond the health organization that originally collects and compiles the information.

Here are the point :



  • More like intraorganizational. Record of medical care that is managed and maintained by one medical organisation/hospital/clinic
  • Not designed to be shared outside the individual practice
  • An EMR is mainly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment.


  • record of medical care that reside in numerous information systems and locations (inter-organisational)
  • Streamlined sharing of updated, real-time information
  • EHRs are designed to share a patient’s information with authorized providers and staff from more than one organization.
  • EHRs allow a patient’s medical information to move with them to specialists, labs, imaging facilities, radiologyst and pharmacies, as well as across state lines.

Both of EMR and EHR has their own benefit for your practice

  • With fast, accurate and updated information, medical errors are reduced and health care is improved.
  • Patient charts are more complete and clear – no more deciphering illegible scribbles.
  • Information sharing can reduce duplicate testing, saving patients and providers time, money and trouble.
  • Improved information access makes prescribing medication safer and more reliable.
  • Promoting patient participation can encourage healthier lifestyles and more frequent use of preventative care.
  • More complete information means more accurate diagnoses.

Clinicspro is one of medical software provider that has integrated system that can easily connect you to other departments. for example the doctor wants to send their patient data to lab technician or radiologyst they can simply transfer their patients data just by simply clicking “send”.

Electronic medical records are expected to make healthcare more efficient and less costly, helping psychician to provide the best service to their patients.


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